Hello and welcome to Reiki Fran Bowles, I have been practicing Reiki for 10 years now and it never ceases to amaze me, Reiki has become a way of life and it constantly flows into everything I do. I love it. Just recently I have qualified as an Energy Trainer and Practitioner in The Balance Procedure. My personal experiences while using this energy technique on a daily basis have been, so far, transformational. Clearing away old 'stuff' on an emotional level has been quite profound, and quick. I now feel so much lighter, brighter and more in alignment with my true self. It is lovely to be able to offer another service, though quite different as TBP is neither a treatment nor a therapy but is totally self-empowering as you have full control of any change you wish to bring about. I look forward to working with past, present and future clients.

Love & Light, Fran

Reiki Master Teacher

Energy Practitioner in The Balance Procedure

Email : franbowles@hotmail.com  Tel : 07810 444 745

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The Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure is a simple, quick, easy to learn energy technique that can transform limiting beliefs that hold you back in all aspects of your life. For more details click here

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