Hello and welcome to Fran Bowles - Energy Trainer and Practitioner in The Balance Procedure.

If you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over every aspect of your life the Balance Procedure is for you.

For Centuries its been widely recognised to be in BALANCE with all aspects of your life is the best way to experience emotional and physical well being. Using the The Balance Procedure is the quickest and easiest way to accomplish this state. It is an exciting, new way of transforming any limiting emotional patterns you may have learnt and are still playing on an unconscious level. Using the The Balance Procedure daily puts you in a relaxed state allowing you to focus on your dreams and desires and see them manifest into reality.

The Balance Procedure is an energy technique that does not require an understanding of theory or precise disciplines but is learnt through practice. Knowing how it works is not as important as doing it. Rather than using the rational, intellectual level of consciousness, it requires the development of flexibility and expansion of consciousness. It is not the procedure itself that bring about the results, it is merely a catalyst, it is the life force working inside each person that brings about the transformation.

Life becomes easier and easier when we use this technique to slow down, be calm and live more  harmoniously.

Energy Practitioner and Trainer in The Balance Procedure

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The Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure is a simple, quick, easy to learn energy technique that can transform limiting beliefs that hold you back in all aspects of your life. For more details click here

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